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Join The Committee

Membership in the Colonial Heights Republican Committee is open to all Republicans. Our bylaws permit three types of membership: voting, associate, and auxiliary. 

Voting members must live in Colonial Heights and meeting attendance is required. Voting members cannot miss more than three consecutive meetings (a proxy is acceptable). Current voting members vote in new voting members.

Associate members must live in Colonial Heights; attendance is not required.

Auxiliary members have neither a residency nor an attendance requirement.

Dues for the Colonial Heights Republican Committee are $15/individual or $20/family and cover one calendar year (January 1 thru December 31).

To join, please send this application form to PO Box 1205, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 along with your dues.


After properly submitting the form and payment, individuals applying for membership will have their name placed on the official call for the next regular meeting so that the full body can vote. 

For more information or questions, email

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