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Rita Schiff Sworn In As Newest Member Of Colonial Heights Electoral Board

Rita Schiff of was sworn in as the newest member of the Colonial Heights Electoral Board on Monday, February 11th at the Colonial Heights Courthouse. Schiff replaces Hilda Faison, who after some 30 years of service on the board is retiring. Schiff’s term on the Electoral Board begins March 1st.

Schiff is a lifelong resident of Colonial Heights. She is retired from the City of Colonial Heights where she served as Clerk to City Council for sixteen years. In 2000, she was named Clerk of the Year in recognition of her outstanding performance on the job. Prior to that, Schiff worked for Chesterfield County for six year and the state for eight years. Schiff and her husband Jerry are active in a number of community organizations.

Schiff is no stranger to elections. For the past thirteen years, she has served as chief elections officer for Precinct 5 (Tussing Elementary School) in Colonial Heights. Additionally, Rita was appointed by the Registrar to oversee a recount election for the office of Treasurer in 2005, where she was answerable to five judges.

Speaking to her new position, Schiff said “After working in Colonial Heights as a chief election official for many years, my appointment to the City Electoral Board is both an honor and an opportunity to continue to provide the best service possible for our citizens as they go through the election process. I look forward to working in this capacity and appreciate the confidence extended to me.”

Electoral boards in Virginia localities are comprised of three members, two representing the political party receiving the most votes in the most recent gubernatorial election and one representing the political party receiving the second most number of votes. Board members are responsible for hiring the local registrar, overseeing elections, and certifying results. Additionally, electoral board members are appointed by the chief judge of the relevant judicial district on the recommendation of the local political party chair.

“Rita was the first person I considered when I learned that Hilda was not seeking reappointment to the Electoral Board,” stated Zachary Wood, chairman of the Colonial Heights Republican Committee. “She’s well respected in our community and has the practical knowledge necessary to serve in this important position. I thank Hilda for her service to our city and look forward to Rita’s tenure on the board.”

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